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Engineering services

The Sherwood Design & Print Centres have taken great pride in serving many engineering companies with all their engineering copies. And with extras like mylar and vellum copies, enlargements and reductions and scanning and CD archiving, we know we can get your jobs done quickly and at a great price. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for producing the highest quality copies and always, always ready on time.

Engineering Copies
For the past 15 years the Sherwood Digital Copy Centres have offered only the highest quality engineering copies. Only by providing our customers with this highest quality service along with excellent prices, have we been able to appeal to all types of engineering firms. Engineering copies have always been one of our core services and we have learned a great deal from our experiences over the years. As a result, we know that your top priorities are quality, price and deadlines.
AutoCAD Output

Our Ability to create high quality Engineering Copies extends to include outputting your files directly from AutoCAD. This allows us to receive your files in a digital format and output them instantly and at the highest possible quality. To save you time and money, you can also send us your files through our high speed, dedicated FTP transfer site.

Scanning & CD Archiving
We now offer high quality, wide format scanning of engineering copies. This service provides a perfect way to save old work into a convenient and digitally accessibly medium . Let us scan your old documents and save them for you into well organized file archives on compact discs. Imagine the time and space that this system could save you.

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