• Lawn Bags Sign

LAwn SIgns / bag signs

Lawn Signs are fabricated on plastic bags and are designed for outdoor usage. They are a simple cost effective way of promoting your business, specials, sales, and getting your name out in the market. Bag signs are printed on both sides and can also be used as directional signs with arrows pointing to your business/special events. Lawn signs are weatherproof, the coating inside the bag signs enables the text on both sides to be clearly visible. A lawn sign comes with a solid galvanized metal wire, thus avoiding rust due to humidity. Bag signs are easy to assemble and install in the ground. 

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Logo Design - Gold Package
  • Size: 24" X 20"
  • Single Side / Double Side
  • 1 color , 2 Colors
  • comes with stands
  • Min qty: 50pcs

Logo Design - Gold Package
  • Available Sizes
    12" X 18"
    24" X 12"
    24" X 18"
  • Single Side / Double Side
  • 1 color , 2 Colors, Full Color
  • Comes with stands or without stand

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