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Search Engine People's Managed Services for Organic Search Engine Optimization: Attain and Sustain Results!
To receive any perceivable traffic from search engines, you must be in the top 30 results, and preferably in the top 10; consider that approximately 90% of users do not look past 3rd page. Search Engine People's long term approach means that we are continually investing in research to keep on top of the ever changing search engine algorithms so that we can implement these changes into your website. We do not try to trick search engines, but rather work with what we know they consider important, now and in the foreseeable future.

Search Engine People's Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Include: Keyword Strategy Proper keyword selection is the foundation of any good search engine effort. If you select the wrong keyword, there is either too little search volume or poor conversion rates. In either case the result is the same: NO CLIENTS!

  • We run predictive queries to determine the level of search traffic and go after terms that have sufficient search volume.
  • Potential for conversion is evaluated against the level of search traffic. Our goal is to get your site high quality traffic, not just quantity.
  • We evaluate the competitiveness of the Keywords to be targeted. The level of competitiveness of your keywords helps us to evaluate which In-page and Off- page strategies that will be necessary to get you results. In-page Strategy What changes are required to your site to enable it to rank well for the terms identified in the Keyword Strategy?
  • Can the site be retrofitted, or does a new site need to be created?
  • What impediments prevent search engine spiders from crawling the site, and how can these impediments be rectified?
  • What content needs to be created? How should existing elements and tags be tweaked?
  • The In-Page Strategy will answer these questions, and specify exact recommendations.


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Sherwood Design and Print is a proven digital marketing agency providing excellent SEO services in Toronto. Our customized SEO plans are designed to enhance your online visibility and draw more visitors to your website. Our Toronto SEO experts are always updated with the changing search engine algorithms and use ethical SEO strategies to increase your number of conversions and generate maximum ROI.

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